(Telephony/PABX,Video Conference, Background Music, Public Address, Plasmas, Projectors)

Business communication needs no matter the size whether your company requires new installation, expansions, and office relocations. Our capacity to install PABX or PBX (Intercom) Systems is not limited to a single brand, but to Panasonic, NEC,LG and Avaya.

Greeting and announcement voicemail answering service is an ideal option if you want to enhance your business image. You can add professionally recorded greetings in your business phone system for efficient telecommunication.

Voice mail unattended calls or busy tones may cause you to lose important business calls. The voice mail box facility will help you manage such situations capably. This facility lets the callers save their valuable time by leaving their voice messages in the voice mail boxes of the PBX phone systems.

Create a Professional Look for Your Company: You can impart a professional image to your company with the advanced features of a voice mail answering service.

Avaya IP Office the market leading IP telephone system and allows employees to handle all communications on the device of their choice including laptops, mobile phones, office phones or home phones. This is possible through wired, wireless (internet) or broadband connections.